BAFTA Unveils Virtual Reality Advisory Group

BAFTA Unveils Virtual Reality Advisory Group
The full list of members was announced today; they plan to deliver recommendations within the year.

BAFTA on Tuesday released the list of members of its recently announced Virtual Reality Advisory Group.
They are Dan Ayoub of Microsoft; Frank Azor, Dell; Joel Breton, HTC; Bradley Crooks, BBC; Nonny de la Penna, Emblematic; Clive Downie, Unity; Chris Edwards, The Third Floor; Garry Edwards, Warner Bros.; Dan Gregoire, Matter VR; Matt Jeffrey, Rebellion; Simon Jones, Epic; James Knight, AMD; Deborah Kolar, Kolar; Shawn Layden, Sony; Peter Levin, Lionsgate; Patrick O’Luanaigh, Ndreams; Kim Pallister, Intel; Robin Prybil, Weta; Yelena Rachitsky, Oculus; Sol Rogers, Rewind; Ted Schilowitz, Fox; David Sproxton, Aardman; Kathy Vrabeck, Gamestop; Jon Wadelton, The Foundry; and VR advisory group chair Roy Taylor of AMD.
The advisory group was created to explore and help articulate the impact that VR will have on the film, TV and game industries. It’s expected to deliver recommendations within the year, which would be used to inform BAFTA’s activities.
The group is administered by BAFTA Los Angeles, and includes representatives from the creative and technical sides of the VR landscape, from both the U.S. and the U.K.

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