Attend Festivals' Premieres In VR With VRrOOm

Attend Festivals' Premieres In VR With VRrOOm
April 4, 2018
VRrOOm launched a new VR app today, entirely dedicated to virtual festivals and cultural events.


PARIS, 4 April 2018: It is now possible for professionals and for the general public around the world to attend festivals and events as if they were physically there, with VRrOOm’s new virtual event platform.


Earlier this year, Louis Cacciuttolo, CEO of VRrOOm, announced the soft launch of the world’s first festival to be held inside virtual reality at the same time as it is happening in the real world.


The app started today with the 3rd edition of Paris Virtual Film Festival, which has recently been renamed NewImages and takes place at the iconic Forum des images cinema located in the very heart of the French capital.

Above: the Paris NewImages Festival menu as presented in the VRrOOm's app main auditorium.


Launched on April 4, the early access version of VRrOOm’s virtual events platform allows the audience to attend Paris NewImages Festival official selection’s VR films screenings from anywhere, and to interact as avatars within the virtual space in chatrooms, or between the films' screenings. 


In the coming months, the app will also allow professionals to participate in key conferences of other festivals in real time inside a virtual conference room. Moreover, some happy few will have the privilege to virtually meet with high profile speakers during one to one sessions, provided they book the virtual meeting rooms in advance.

Above: people meet inside VRrOOm's virtual festivals app to discuss and share their experience (screenshot of the Paris NewImages Festival - April 4, 2018).


Louis Cacciuttolo believes the virtualization of events is inevitable in the future: exhibitions, conferences, seminars, fashion shows, concerts will find their digital twins in virtual reality. "The costs and the logistic constraints associated with physical events are becoming a barrier to their development and growth. An increasing number of events and exhibitors will opt to showcase their content, product, concept, expertise through customised virtual platforms that can offer the best experience to their customers and audience. There is a huge opportunity for any type of events to multiply their size and reach – and increase their revenue", Louis said.


VRrOOm has sealed an exclusive deal with Paris-based serious gaming tech company Manzalab Group to realize this project. For this first event, the users will be able to access the Paris NewImages Festival virtual version by downloading the VRrOOm application on Oculus Store and using a Samsung Gear VR. The partnership between VRrOOm and Manzalab will extend to more formats in the future in order to reach a larger audience.


VRrOOm intends to replicate this model to allow the public enjoy more programs and activities proposed by top festivals, concerts, or exhibitions globally, adding a new dimension to the world’s finest events and shows.

VRrOOm's avatars move according to the head movements in the VR headset in a very realistic manner; the app currently works with Gear VR and will be extended to most VR platforms by Q3, 2018. Listen to VRrOOm's special 'Avatars meet in virtual festival minimal mix' above!


The VRrOOm's app will regularly feature virtual twins of actual events and festivals, but will also provide its own weekly program of VR content in between events, so it will be useful to keep it permanently once you have it. Click here to register.

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