AR/VR Transform How We Watch Football Matches

AR/VR Transform How We Watch Football Matches
March 11, 2018

Virtual reality and augmented reality are increasingly present in our daily lives. And if the technologies haven’t already won the hearts of the general public, La Liga’s approach could speed up the process. The Spanish Football Championship has set up a partnership with Intel to give fans access to more content. This allows virtual reality and augmented reality to be used during soccer matches, thanks to new technology that is gradually being introduced in Spanish stadiums.


In order to implement this technology, 38 cameras were placed around the stadium. 2D images are then assembled to create a single 360-degree video. The final result is then further enhanced with a SkyCam that records from above the field. I was able to try out some virtual reality experiments at MWC 2018 with Samsung Gear helmets. You can relive 360-degree matches and see real-time statistics. The experience is pleasant and creates a much more immersive view in comparison to sitting in front of the television.


La Liga also plans to broadcast post-game content that would allow spectators to explore the best moments of matches from their favorite angle, rather than watching what is broadcast by the TV production team.

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