Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine (Drum Cover In VR)

Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine (Drum Cover In VR)
July 14, 2017

Another cover Emre recorded using the drumming app he's developing for VR, Paradiddle! The song is R U Mine by Arctic Monkeys. 

(Just a heads-up : Unreal Engine didn't officially support mixed reality recording as Emre was trying to record this, so the solution he used led to some issues. As you can see, the resolution is pretty low, and the frame rate also dropped down to 45-60 FPS for the majority of the song because of how much of a performance hit the mixed reality recording was. If you notice timing issues as Emre plays, it's mostly because of this frame rate drop/variation.)

Here are the updates in this version of the app:
- The sound system has completely changed (to FMOD), along with all the samples being used. Emre's still tweaking the settings, but the goal is to get a much more natural sound out of the drums by leveraging this new system. 
- There are some usability improvements to the UI, and some additional settings on the recording playback interface. 
- It's now possible to use simple USB pedals as kick/hi-hat - in fact Emre's using them on and off throughout the video. He used a combination of the pedal with the right trigger for the bass drum, and another pedal for opening/closing the hi-hat. 
- Some visual improvements. The environment now reacts to the user in different ways based on their play style. The visuals quite aren't there yet, but Emre's really excited about where this is headed. To him this really reinforces the idea of using VR for a tool like this, and he's hoping it'll be empowering for users as they play within different environments in the app. 
- Another feature Emre is super excited about - while playing back a recording, users now get additional visual cues on the drums as they are about to get hit. The hope is that this would help users learn how to play different songs much easier. 

As always, questions, comments and feedback are most definitely welcome! Make sure you check out Emre Paint It Black and Pokémon covers as well if you'd like to see more Paradiddle. His goal is to have an early access version up on Steam and the Oculus store by mid August.


Pokémon cover in VR -
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