AR Video Brings SpaceX Rocket To Your Backyard

AR Video Brings SpaceX Rocket To Your Backyard
June 28, 2017

SpaceX keeps landing its rockets back on Earth after launching to space. But if you can't make it to Florida for a Falcon 9 landing yourself, now you can check it out in augmented reality. 


A new 20-second video shows off what it would be like to watch a miniature Falcon 9 first stage land on a virtual drone ship in a backyard pool.


Usually these kinds of landings happen on a square-shaped drone ship in the Pacific or Atlantic oceans, but hey, the scaled-down version is pretty awesome in its own right. 


Developer Tomás García created the augmented reality video using ARkit, a tool that allows users to create their own augmented reality videos.


García has also produced other space-themed  augmented reality videos, including one showing off a mini-moon landing in a kitchen.

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