AR Shows What Happens When World's Ice Melts

AR Shows What Happens When World's Ice Melts
May 3, 2017

Justin Guariglia, a contemporary visual artist based in New York, helped create an application called After Ice, which uses augmented reality to display the heightened sea levels once all of the ice melts due to climate change.


The application uses a smartphone’s GPS to identify where a user is, then uses augmented reality through the phone’s camera to visually show how high the sea level would get in that area based on NASA’s projections for 2080 with a water animation. The animation fills the screen, listing how much ice has melted while small fish swim around.


Guariglia wanted to give users a visual of what’s happening right now rather than only listing facts or data. He felt the visuals make it more of a reality for modern individuals. The end of the application features a “Take Action” screen that links to a website where users can go to to download and print a poster incorporating this information.


After Ice is only available on the iTunes application store.


After Ice

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