A.R. Rahman's First VR Film Stars French Actress

A.R. Rahman's First VR Film Stars French Actress

After enthralling music lovers with his melodious tunes for years, music maestro has now donned the directorial hat, making his debut in direction with the world's first Virtual Reality (VR) multisensory episodic feature film 'Le Musk' themed on perfumes.


Rahman who yesterday launched the prelude of his directional debut, being produced by him in partnership with PVR cinema , said, "I just feel that you can do anything. You just have to delve into it; you just have to lean into it. It's not that anything belongs to anyone. Anyone can become anything." 


On making his directorial debut, the 50-year-old music composer said, 'You can see directors becoming composers and composers becoming directors. It's just how sincere I am. I should not cheat. I should be honest to my job. I should excel in it. It goes for everyone."


The India prelude of 'Le Musk' comes after it being showcased at the 'NAB', Las Vegas, as part of the Intel-Keynote, on April 24.

The experience of scent, motion, spacial sound and visuals has been amalgamated in ‘Le Musk’ to give the viewer a stereosmokic effect on the Voyager chair, specially designed by Postiron. 


Speaking at the launch, Gautam Dutta, the CEO of PVR Ltd, who has collaborated with YM Movies, said, "I feel VR will bring a new window for the viewers. It's unique and can't be compared to the big screens. In a VR film, you become a part of the scenes. This attracts the consumers."


Talking about the film, Rahman said, "'Le Musk' is an experiment and I am just waiting for more reactions. We had a lot of kind reactions from 'NAB', Las Vegas.

"Feelings are mixed, not about the content but the way people are going to experience VR, putting the headset. Because it's such a new technology, it's going to take some time for people to get used to that stuff," he said. Mr Rahman revealed that it was his wife who suggested that he should make a film on perfumes, hence 'Le Musk'.

Talking about the challenges, Rahman said there were many but he didn't care as long as the end product is good. Rahman said that he finds filmmaking a tough job.

"Filmmaking is a very tough job. It takes two years to direct a film and I didn't have that much time. I love music and love making it. Doing 'Le Musk' didn't seem like that much exhausting as I made it quickly. It was a 13-day schedule and I didn't have to spend two years behind it,"Rahman said. As the title suggests, the film is based on smell and the protagonist is lost in the aroma that has engulfed her.

Shot in picturesque Rome, the film follows the journey of an orphaned heiress and part-time musician, Juliet, who grows up to be a diva on a mission.

Her life takes a dramatic turn when she receives an anonymous message, which brings back her mysterious past.

Written, directed and scored by Rahman, the film stars Nora Arnezeder, Guy Burnet, Munirih Jahanpour and Mariam Zohrabyan in lead roles.
Rahman also discussed about another of his venture after "Le Musk" .

"The next one is based on Indian culture and it will explore the various dance forms here,"he said.

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