This AR App Creates Interactive Music Experience

This AR App Creates Interactive Music Experience
October 13, 2018

Combining analog with digital, a new app called Necessary Explosion created by Wieden + Kennedy and produced by LAVA pairs music with virtual reality and audio with visual stimulus using vinyl records and digital animation for an interactive experience.


Each track on the record is paired with a different animation that moves, changing shape and size relative to your position. The iOS app is paired with a device and a specific album turning each track into 3D virtual reality sculptures atop the vinyl record when played on the turntable.

To create the digital sculptures for necessary explosion, W+K worked closely with the artist to visually reflect the sound and underlying themes of the album.

The collection of graphics are an array of vibrant and multi-colored visuals comprised of surreal images such as flowers with eyeballs popping out from the center, skulls emerging from faces and melting hearts with umbrellas opening.


This is the first app in a series by LAVA which pairs music with virtual reality. Each artist and album associated with the app will have it’s own customized and unique visuals.

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