Anyone Can Make Music In Jam Studio VR

Anyone Can Make Music In Jam Studio VR
September 30, 2017

It is an ambition of many people to learn how to play a musical instrument, though for most the opportunity is out of reach for a variety of reasons. Making music has just become a little easier with the launch of Jam Studio VR from Vive Studios.


Jam Studio VR is an interactive music performance app which lets anyone regardless of musical talent or experience discover what it is like to make music or perform a DJ set. Using the HTC Vive motion controls, users can compose and play musical scores, playing various kinds of virtual instruments, or make like a DJ and construct beats and loops.


The library contains over 20 interactive songs featuring well-known artists such as Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, Flo Rida, guitarist Craig Chaquico and Megadeth bassist David Ellefson. Other sings can be added through in-app purchases, such as music from Disney, or various other artist and content bundles. Once users have composed their own mix, they can record and share their creations with friends.


“Our goal is to create a whole new category of interactive music and gaming applications that takes advantage of Virtual Reality technology. Jam Studio VR delivers just that!” said Charlie Mollo, Beamz Interactive’s CEO. “Using our advanced triggering and synchronization technology and IP position, we’re able to create a truly unique interactive music experience that makes it easy and exciting to engage people of all ages and skill levels.”


Jam Studio VR is at the forefront of creating a new category of interactive music and music gaming apps for VR. We are very excited to partner with Beamz and develop this leading edge interactive music performance application for Vive”, said Joel Breton, VP of Vive Studios. “This family friendly app will lead the way for how users create and experience music in VR.”

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