Animatrik Plans To Create Real-Time VR Experiences

Animatrik Plans To Create Real-Time VR Experiences
March 6, 2018

To make in game characters more lifelike virtual reality (VR) developers use motion capture technology from the likes of IKinema or Vicon. Today, independent motion capture studio Animatrik has announced a new partnership with Lifelike & Believable to enhance its digital character pipeline and create immersive real-time VR experiences.

Having delivered high-end motion capture for both feature films and video games; such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Gears of War, Justice League, and Oscar-winning immersive VR experience Carne y Arena, Animatrik will bolster its existing virtual production pipeline with the VR processes usually outsourced to videogame development studios.


For the collaboration Lifelike & Believable will contribute its expertise in synthesizing movement from game engine data, achieving a lifelike performance from original motion within the VR experience in real time, leveraging Animatrik’s 17 years of experience in capturing performance across a wide range of situations.


Brett Ineson, president and CTO of Animatrik, said in a statement: “Animatrik is eager to get more involved in live, interactive performance and the spectrum that lies between AR and VR. A whole range of experiences exist; from fully-immersive worlds to bringing digital elements into the reality. A partnership with Lifelike and Believable is the next step for Animatrik on its journey down this path.”

“We’re not just capturing a person and putting that exact same person in the environment. It’s about how we take movement and create something else from it – something that breathes, with the small nuances that make you believe that what you’re seeing is truly  alive. One of the tools needed for this, to make the experience as rich as possible, is high-quality motion capture. Animatrik is the perfect partner in sculpting emotionally-engaging performances that actually play in real time,” adds  Athomas Goldberg, president of Lifelike & Believable.


Additionally, Animatrik plans to break the World Record for largest AR/VR experience to date. Royal Caribbean Cruises has hired Animatrik to turn its fleet of 37 cruise ships into high-tech playgrounds designed to help guests enjoy their vacation. A collection of interactive ‘pucks’ will be used to track attendees and bring help fantasy elements into reality. 

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