Animated Horror VR Movie AI Nightmare Trailer

Animated Horror VR Movie AI Nightmare Trailer
August 17, 2017

Lindero Edutainment, the team behind Earthquake Simulator VR for HTC Vive, has announced the debut of AI Nightmare, an animated 3D 360° virtual reality (VR) science-fiction thriller. AI Nightmareaims to deliver an unbelievable journey which allows the viewer to step into the middle of the movie’s action.


Waking up in the dead of night, you find yourself in a heart-racing home invasion with fiery blasts and utter chaos. Milo, your dog, and you are caught by an AI drone and abducted. Transported through the galaxy into a more sinister world, you’ll soon come face-to-face with rogue A.I. robots that appear to be mining the universe for resources.


As you attempt to escape you fall into an underwater ocean setting that links the wreckage of a submerged city with a lush and vibrant world, which was ironically ruined by the very technology humans manufactured to improve society’s well-being. Swim among sharks in the watery depths of a forgotten city as you find that you are probably the only hero that can change the fate of the universe.


The concept behind AI Nightmare was conceived in-house at Lindero Edutainment and produced on the Unreal Engine 4; Maya; 3Ds Max and Adobe Premiere Pro CC, etc. Full-length content will be released in September 2017, while a debut trailer for AI Nightmare is available below, viewable on most major VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) supporting YouTube.

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