AFL Unveils VR Comedy Series On Google Play

AFL Unveils VR Comedy Series On Google Play
April 19, 2017

AFL Productions is presenting Maski 3D 360 VR Experience!, its first non-dialogue comedy series using virtual reality that is available on Google Play, to celebrate the slapstick program Maski-Show, which marked its 25th anniversary last year.


Maski 3D 360 VR Experience! is now available on Google Play and is coming soon to mobile VR platforms such as Steam, the App Store and the Oculus Store. All eight episodes of the first season are available for fans to download. Two of the eight episodes are being presented for free. The series is the company’s first project using VR technology. The comic troupe Maski earned international acclaim in 1984, and in 1991 started producing the comedy series Maski-Show.


George Deliev, the artisitic inspiration behind the troupe, said, “Maski toured in Germany, Denmark, Poland, Great Britain, Japan and Colombia. Everywhere, our humor and our art have been understandable, universal, edgy and funny! The audiences have always been very bright and warm. And now we’re working with virtual reality. I think this is a modern, unusual and unique technology that opens up new tools for interaction between the artists and the audience. The main advantage of VR is the tremendous effect of presence, the feeling that the action is being played directly around you the viewer!”


AFL’s head of development and distribution, Yuri Volodarsky, commented, “I am very pleased that we are working again with George Deliev and Maski. We have many joint projects in the works, including several comedic music videos, television series, tours in many countries with live shows and a major motion picture, 7 Days with a Russian Beauty, all in development. We also have a few more VR series in development which we plan to produce with Maski.”


Julia Degen, founder of Chingis, which carried out post-production design, added, “We are thankful to Yuri Volodarsky and AFL Productions for giving us the opportunity to work with the very talented and world-renowned Maski. In many ways, the project was an experiment. The shooting took place on a custom rig, consisting of 18 separate cameras. As a result, we’ve captured the raw material for each ‘eye’ with an astoundingly high resolution of 9,000 dpi horizontally. This is a few times higher than most 360-degree cameras today. The Maski sketches are not only hilarious but are very high in resolution and great fun to watch for the viewer!”

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