Accedo Reveals AR Experience For Cycling Races

Accedo Reveals AR Experience For Cycling Races
April 14, 2018

Trusted video experience company Accedo have revealed an AR proof of concept experience for way to enjoy long distance races, such as the Tour de France. Designed as an alternative to the standard broadcast of cycling routes such as Tour de France, Vuelta a España or Giro d’Italia the solution would offer a more engaging viewing experience by using AR technology in conjunction with a second screen.


Though a number of applications already allow for second screen viewing to further the experience, Accedo are positioning their solution as second screen AR. By bringing the view into psychical space, the viewing becomes more visual, natural and engaging as realistic 3D models and UI elements bring the live coverage to life. The live positions of the different riders and the option to change the view to a helicopter view from various points across the course. Thanks to the AR application, viewers would then be able to pull the camera in and out, walk around the route and direct the coverage in a tailored manner.


Accedo’s AR solution is currently only a proof of concept.

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