8 Iconic Movies For CyberPunk Sci-Fi Fans

8 Iconic Movies For CyberPunk Sci-Fi Fans
June 11, 2017


What is Cyberpunk? It’s a subgenre of sci-fi set in a near future -that focuses on technology within society and the social issues that come with it. It usually features “high tech low life” such as advanced technology like AI or cybernetics which in turn leads to a drastic and somewhat negative change to the worlds social order.
A classic cyberpunk protagonist will usually be some form of recluse or loner, who feels as though they don’t fit within society and never appear to be content with their current life. – So today I thought I would make a video -focusing on the well known but poorly defined, Cyberpunk science fiction. 

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David Cronenbergs cyberpunk sci-fi Horror thriller Videodrome
Follows Max Renn, an ambitious but Sleazy cable-TV operator, who begins to see his life and the future of media -spin out of control in a very unusual fashion, when he discovers a pirate snuff broadcast called "Videodrome." As Max tried to find out where the show originates, he gets drawn into this bizarre combination of Tv, politics and mid-control.

Kathryn Bigelows cyberpunk sci-fi Murder mystery - Strange Days
Set during the last days of the old millennium -former cop turned street hustler Lenny Nero makes a living dealing in illegal data-discs that containing peoples recorded memories. When Lenny accidentally uncovers a conspiracy involving a video of a prostitute being murdered - He starts to investigate, where he is pulled deep into a world of mystery, blackmail & murder. 

Director Robert Longo's cyberpunk sci-fi crime thriller, Johnny Mnemonic
In a world that’s inter-connected by technology where almost a half of the population is suffering from NAS a technological disease. The story follows Johnny a data courier, who is literally carrying a data package inside his head, the catch is -he must deliver it before he dies from the data overload.

Oshii Mamoru's cyberpunk sci-fi action fantasy thriller -Avalon
Set in a near future wasteland, where young people are increasingly becoming addicted to a violent and illegal virtual reality computer game called Avalon. Where one of the best players Ash -hears rumours of a more advanced level of the game that exists elsewhere. Where she joins a gang of explorers to find a gateway to the next level.

Steven Spielberg's cyberpunk sci-fi crime thriller Minority reportThe year is 2054 where "Precrime" -a special police unit, is able to arrest murderers before they can even commit their crimes. But when officer John Anderton is accused of a future murder -he now has to run away from a system he helped become successful, and try to figure out why he would want to commit a murder.

Christian Volckman's animated cyberpunk sci-fi thriller renaissance
Set in a futuristic Paris where it has extremely rigid laws that keep its populace in line and accounted for. The story follows Barthelemy Karas -a policeman who is investigating the kidnapping of a young scientist who is an employee of Avalon- a major health and beauty corporation who wants her found.

Director Brett Leonards cyberpunk sci-fi horror The Lawnmower Man
The film follows Dr Angelo -who has developed a virtual reality system, which has the potential to increase a person's intelligence. His test subject Jobe - a simple minded lawnmower man is put into the system. Dr Angelo soon finds out his creation does in fact work -but not without some... unexpected side-effects.

Paul Verhoeven action, cyberpunk sci-fi thriller -Total recall
Douglas Quaid is obsessed by a recurring dream of his where he goes to Mars. Against his wife's wishes Quaid decides to go on virtual vacation where he has memories of a holiday implanted. But an unexpected and unfortunate series of events puts his life in jeopardy, which in turn forces him to travel to the real Mars.

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