70% Of Gettysburg Battle Pictures Were Shot In 3D!

70% Of Gettysburg Battle Pictures Were Shot In 3D!
October 23, 2016
Several people brought history to life in a unique way over the weekend on the Gettysburg Battlefield. It's all part of an immersive 4D experience hosted by the Center for Civil War Photography. The 16th annual event brought history enthusiasts from near and far. The Image of War Seminar allowed guests to put on 3D glasses and look at 153-year-old battlefield photos.

Many of the photos show the exact spots where many soldiers fell after the battle in July 1863. The way the photographers in that era took photos may surprise you.
Probably 70 % of the documentary photographs of the Civil War were shot in three dimensions," Bob Zeller, President and co-founder of the Center for Civil War Photography said. "You're at the exact spot where the photo was taken and you're seeing the historical perspective and the modern-day perspective. The experience, though, is really electrifying. "
On Sunday morning, an authentic wet plate photographer will show attendees a wet plate and camera at the Rose Farm to explain now Civil War photographers took those 3D images.

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