4 VR Movies You Can Watch Next Year

4 VR Movies You Can Watch Next Year
December 27, 2016

Cinematic VR content is evolving ridiculously fast at the moment. Here are some stunningly innovative works set to be launched at next year's Sundance Film Festival.


The festival has quickly positioned itself at the forefront of the intriguing space that VR is carving out in the storytelling sphere. Here are three of the most fascinating VR projects premiering at the festival.


Zero Days tells the story of the Stuxnet worm, literally placing the audience in the perspective of the computer virus as it travels around the world's digital networks.


The Life Of Us (below) ambitiously claims to tell the complete story of the evolution of life on Earth. Co-produced by musician Pharrell Williams, this is one bold project.

Asteroids by Eric Darnell (above), the director of Madagascar and the Baobab studio, invites us to a trip onboard extra-terrestrial characters Mac and Cheez' space ship. They're so focused on their mission that they miss the most important things in their lives - luckily the audience can tell them what really matters.

Orbital Vanitas (above) is produced by Australian artist Shaun Gladwell. It presents itself as an experiential mystery that begins by floating the audience in Earth's orbit, before participants slowly begin to notice a figure emerging from the depths of space towards them.

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