2019 SIF Unveils Its Second Edition Line-up

2019 SIF Unveils Its Second Edition Line-up

Qingdao, China– June 13, 2019 –The 2019 Sandbox Immersive Festival(SIF 2019)today unveiled its Official Selection lineup. Continuing its dedication to discover and promote immersive and interactive storytelling in all media format, the China's first cross-media festival will showcase immersive content from the emerging talents and the establishedstudios globally. The program includes large-scale installations, interactive experiences, and VR films. The 2019 Sandbox Immersive Festival takes place from June 24 - 27.


The officialselectionof SIF will showcase 44 immersive projects this year. The lineup includes sixlarge-scale installation, 21interactive experiences, nineVR films and eight8K VR films.


This year, SIF takes “Immersive City” as the theme word. When looking through the lens of SIF 2019, the city becomes a screen upon which you can gaze and reflect. With a deep dive into the fabric of the “Immersive City”, various chords from the strings of streets emerge, some harmonic, some rhapsodic. For those who immerse themselves in SIF (known as SIFers) the city becomes a conduit between reality and virtuality. Present and the future collide and collapse, laying bare the raw emotion of the city. SIF 2019's doors are open!


SIF 2019, doors open.


Line-up of SIF 2019


Large-scale installations

Home After War

Germany, Iraq, Switzerland, US / 2018 / 17min / Chinese, English

Director: Gayatri Parameswaran

Producer: Felix Gaedtke, Sandra Bialystok, Paula Cuneo, Lauren Burmaster



Home After War is an interactive VR experience that takes you to Fallujah, a city that was under Islamic State control until recently. The war has ended, but the city is still unsafe. Booby trapped homes and IEDs in the neighbourhoods are looming fears for returning refugees. Ahmaied Hamad Khalaf and his family returned home after the fighting subsided to find that their home was no longer the same. In Home After War, Ahmaied shares his story and invites you into his home to experience for yourself what it's like to fear the home you once loved.

The Collider

UK / 2019 / 40min / Chinese, English

Director: Anagram

Producer: Anagram



The Collider is an immersive virtual and theatrical experience exploring power and dependency. The viewer is invited to enter a machine built to decode the mysteries of human relationships. It operates like the Large Hadron Collider, except instead of atoms, it hurls people against each other. Its mission: to identify and understand the invisible material that passes between people—the corrosive, delightful, and mysterious matter that keeps us together and pulls us apart. The experience guides the viewer along a journey, creating a moving choreography that becomes its own private spectacle within the heart of the machine.


China, France / 2019 / 20min / Chinese, English

Director: Thomas Villepoux

Producer: Eddie Lou, Eason Chow, Ivy Huang



By entering in an ancient Buddhist temple, the players are offered the opportunity to create altogether a light structure, which is a colorful mandala. Depending on their movements, choices and collaboration, each drawing created will be unique.


The energy instilled in their creation will awaken fantastic creatures, heroes of a Chinese folktale: WuKong the monkey king and Erlang Shen, the heaven's soldier chasing him. The viewers will be invited to step inside their own creation, projection of their personalities mixed together. They will be put to the test, needing to choose between protecting or betraying the monkey from his pursuer.

Andy's World

China / 2018 / 10min / Chinese

Director: LIU Liquan

Producer: LIU Liquan



Andy's world uses cyberpunk's aesthetic ideas, combines unique imagery and architectural design, and explores the definition of life in an immersive narrative. Life can be a fleeting moment, or it can be a moment out of the ordinary -- people tend to get so caught up in the narrow sense of life that they lose sight of the other possibilities. This work will broad sense of life metaphor in the dazzling virtual space, and through immersive large-space walking technology skillfully control the sense of space and scale, express the variety and wonder of life. This 10-minute VR experience is a way to understand life in both broad and narrow sense. The purpose is to stimulate the audience to have more thinking and discussion on the proposition of "what is life".


US / 2018 / 10min/ No Dialogue

Project Creators: SigurRós, Magic Leap



Together with SigurRós, Magic Leap set out to discover and manifest the DNA of the sound in a new reality. The result of that collaboration is Tónandi, which translates to sound spirit in Icelandic, an interactive audio-visual exploration of the sounds and spirit of SigurRós.A sensory ecosystem grows and surrounds you. Each Tónandi is a creature with unique sound and personality, inhabiting your environment and inviting interaction.

Game of Thrones: The Dead Must Die

US / 2019 / 5min / English

Producer: Magic Leap, HBO, AT&T



Augmented reality startup Magic Leap is bringing a “Game of Thrones” experience to select AT&T flagship stores across the United States. “The Dead Must Die: A Magic Leap Encounter” is a collaboration between Magic Leap and HBO that’s described as an “immersive encounter.” Using the power of the Magic Leap One headset, it will bring people into a “confrontation” between the wights themselves and a standoff with a White Walker. There’s no edge of the screen to be protected by, and Magic Leap notes that it’s scary to see a White Walker, but “much scarier when it sees you.”

Interactive Experiences


France, Luxemburg / 2019 / 12min / No Dialogue

Director: Jan Kounen

Producer: Antoine Cayrol, Marion Guth, Vincent Guttman



AYAHUASCA is a 12-minute mind blowing immersive voyage through one of the most mysterious spiritual practices on the planet. Ayahuasca is a unique chance for a wide audience to approach a cultural and spiritual mystery. The participant is immersed in the visions triggered by Ayahuasca.

Buddy VR

Korea / 2018 / 16min / No Dialogue

Director: Chuck Chae

Producer: Redrover 



Buddy is a mouse living in a small concession stand in a theme park in 1962. Today is his lucky day as you help him get his cheese out of a trap. He brings us into his world where every tiny thing now seems huge! In this fantastic world where a chocolate bar is a size of basketball hoop, this lonely mouse is hiding his sorrows. Since Buddy is a mouse who can’t talk, we communicate only with body gestures, such as nodding and eye contact. We first learn each other’s names and start exploring our surroundings. Suddenly, we are interrupted by a loud earthquake……


UK / 2018 / 15min / No Dialogue

Project Creators: Universal Everything, Within



What is the relationship between the individual and the crowd? This elegantly crafted VR experience places you inside an open-world environment to explore the primal feeling of maintaining your individual identity whilst being part of a crowd. Showing over five thousand intelligent human behaviors, this powerful VR experience is made possible by advanced graphics technology.

Gloomy Eyes

France, Argentina, US, Taiwan / 2019 / 8min /English

Director: Jorge Tereso, Fernando Maldonado

Producer: Antoine Cayrol, German Heller, Federico Heller, Arnaud Colinart, Pierre Zandrowicz, ARTE France



In this exquisite VR experience, it is 1983 on a cold night in Woodland City, and being a zombie is still illegal. Like all of his kind, Gloomy is hiding in the forest, away from bounty hunters. The night is quiet, but Gloomy still tries to stay out of sight. He doesn’t feel comfortable around others of his kind. While bitterness plagues the city, he strives to find a balance in his mysterious dual nature.

Ello Echo

China / 2019 / 16min / Chinese, English

Director: SU Haodan

Producer:MI Li, LEI Zhengmeng



Ello is a sweet story about loneliness and friendship. When people expect friendship or love, proactively pursuing rather than passively waiting might lead to a surprising end.


China / 2019 / Not Limited / English

Director: Chopin Qi

Producer: Eddie Lou, Eason Chow



The experiencer is like being dragged into a whirlpool of great power, feeling that the whole body is immersed in sound and special effects. Every movement of his body will produce different speed and power of feeling, sometimes sticking, sometimes bursting, sometimes vast and sometimes calm, shuttling through the unknown space and found that there is no destination.

Nothing to be Written

UK/2018 / 7min/ English

Director:  Lysander Ashton

Producer:  Zillah Watson, Rebecca Collis, BBC



Part artwork, part documentary, Nothing to be Written tells the stories behind ‘field postcards’ one of the few communication options WWI soldiers had with their families. Nothing was to be written on them as communication was only allowed through the prescribed phrases. Moving, haunting and emotive, the experience is a powerful and poignant exploration of the human stories beyond the edges of the postcards.

Doctor Who: The Runaway

UK / 2019 / 13min / English

Director: Mathias Chelebourg

Producer: BBC, Passion Animation Studios



Step inside the TARDIS with the Doctor in this beautiful, animated, interactive story from the Doctor Who team.


Canada / 2019 / 7min / No Dialogue

Director: Chris Lavis, Maciek Szczerbowski

Producer: Stephane Rituit, Felix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphael, Dana Dansereau, Rob McLaughlin, Loc Dao



Step into the stillness of an abandoned school and enter GYMNASIA, a place where the ghostly ephemera of a lost childhood await you. Recall the particular sights and sounds of a child’s world through the echoes of ball games, school lessons and choir recitals. GYMNASIA reanimates the memories of those forgotten days. Blending 3D 360-degree video, stop-motion, miniatures and CGI, GYMNASIA is a dark dream ⎯ unsettling and weirdly wonderful.


France / 2019 / 10min / English

Director: Jan Kounen, Molécule, Amaury La Burthe

Producer: Zorba, Novelab, ARTE, DVgroup



Alone in Greenland, electronic music producer Molécule captures the sounds of Arctic to compose his next piece. Inspired by this adventure, the -22,7°C VR experience takes you on an initiatory journey, at the very origin of musical creation.


US, France / 2018 / English

Director: Eliza McNitt

Executive Producer: Darren Aronofsky

Producer: Ari Handel, Jess Engel, Arnaud Colinart



A billion years ago, two black holes violently collided with each other, producing gravitational waves... and the sound of the universe that was recently discovered. We no longer watch the universe, but listen to it. Spheres takes you into a black hole collision, begins a musical journey of gravitational wave, and triggers a rich reflection of the connection between human and the universe. This film is produced by Oscar-winning director Darren Alenovsky, winning the highest award of Virtual Reality at the 75th Venice International Film Festival. Jessica Chastain, Patty Smith and Millie Barbie Brown are the narrators of the three episodes respectively.

Spheres: Chorus of the Cosmos

US, France / 2018 / 13min / English


Planet Earth sings. In this interactive VR experience, we discover the Universe through sound. Our solar system becomes an instrument and we listen to its music.


Spheres: Songs of Spacetime

US, France / 2018 / 13min / English


Dive into the heart of a black hole to uncover the breakthrough discovery ofgravitational waves. Fall into the darkness, and you will find the light. Narrated by Jessica Chastain.


Spheres: Pale Blue Dot

US, France / 2018 / 15min / English


The Big Bang was silent. Then came sound. Journey from the edge of the cosmos to uncover the strangest song of all. Narrated by Patti Smith.


7 Lives

France, Luxemburg, Belgium / 2019 / 20min / English, France

Director: Jan Kounen

Producer: Marie Blondiaux, Adrien Oumhani, Annick Jakobowicz, François Le Gall, StéphaneHueber-Blies, Nicolas Blies, Marion Guth, Jean-Yves Roubin, CassandreWarnauts



7 lives is a fantastic tale. A near death experience on a subway platform in Tokyo takes you to a strange world. You access memories and fear of people around you. It revived a trauma in them, painful memories they never overcame...You have to pass into each of their minds and help them to find peace. Created by the filmmaker Jan Kounen and the game designers Charles Ayats and Sabrina Calvo, 7 lives explores universal emotions, beyond words.

The Tide: Episodes 1 & 2

Korea / 2019 / 10min per episode / English

Director: YOO Tae-kyung

Producer: Yonghwa Kim



One day, during a devastating drought, they suddenly started to appear. Gigantic fish with a taste for human flesh. Where will humanity hide? As humans attempt to find safety, the man-eating sea creatures start to grow and evolve. Will humans find a way to stop them and survive?


US / 2019 / 10min / English

Director: Jessica Brillhart

Producer: Erica Newman



Traverse is a platform for spatial audio experiences. Using a mobile device and audio-driven AR technology, each Traverse experience takes an audio recording and makes it something you can physically move through. You can explore a sound field as you like. You can hear things from another perspective. You can walk towards or away from the singer, or the drummer, or the audio engineer. You can witness a mix morph and change around you as you move through it. You can go back in time or travel into another dimension. All this happens through powerful immersive audio – and from the comfort of wherever you are.


Germany / 2018 / 20min / English

Director: Max Sacker, IouliaIsserlis

Producer: Another World VR



Step into the shoes of an urban explorer investigating the mysterious case of a missing boy. Pick up your flashlight and discover the secrets of an abandoned villa in the middle of a dark forest in Germany. Immerse yourself in true, cinematic realism, explore an interactive universe, pick up clues and dare to venture deeper into a mystical world where your actions can have grave consequences.


Germany / 2018 / 10min / English

Director: Carl Krause, Dominik Stockhausen

Producer: Malte Stehr



In a last desperate attempt to communicate, a man decides to lock his boyfriendinside his mind. A raging stream of consciousness unfolds, shedding light on a flawed relationship.


US / 2019 / 15min / English

Director: Eric Darnell

Producer: Shannon Ryan, Jeremiah Graves



Nice job. You’ve crashed your spaceship into an alien jungle. Your instincts, nourishment, cylinders, and a wary robot sidekick are all you have for survival… or so you think.

Fire Escape: An Interactive VR Series

US / 2018 / 20min per episode / English

Director: NavidKhonsari, VassilikiKhonsari, Andres Perez-Duarte, Sam Butin

Producer: Andres Perez-Duarte, Sam Butin



This innovative, interactive thriller invites the participant to peer into the private lives of eight diverse New Yorkers from the vantage of a fire escape, where suspicion and deception unfold in real time. Set against the shadowy backdrop of gentrification in contemporary Brooklyn, Fire Escape: An Interactive VR Series depicts a contingent of disenfranchised tenants who soon become entangled in a string of dark mysteries and murder.

Wolves in the WallsIt’s All Over

US / 2019 / 20min / English

Director: Pete Billington, Jessica Yaffa Shamash

Producer: Chris Hanson, Edward Saatchi



Transport into the magic of VR cinema, where only you can help Lucy discover what’s truly hiding inside the walls of her house.


Korea / 2019 / 10min / No Dialogue

Director: Minoo Jun

Producer: Lym Hun



We reinterpreted Kim Jeong-hui's workSehandoas VR work, inspired from his feelings of isolation and loneliness surrounding the making of Sehando in a remote place.
We want to recreate his feelings using VR effects; sounds, changing seasons, snow winter scene, etc. We wish to share Kim Jeong-hui's feelings of isolation and loneliness surrounding the making of Sehando in a remote place, Jeju island.

VR Cinema


US / 2019 / 10min / English (Chinese Subtitle)

Director: Adam Loften, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

Producer: Adam Loften, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, Mari Mukai



The Atomic Tree is a journey into the memories of one of the most revered trees in the world—a 400-year-old Japanese White Pine bonsai that witnessed —and survived—the atomic blast in Hiroshima. From Japan’s ancient cedar forests and Buddhist temples to the family home in Hiroshima where the pine was nurtured for five generations, this VR experience explores the unbroken chain of living stories held within the rings of this tree. The delicate shape of this bonsai contains sacred forests, human family, and deep time, inviting us to reflect on the living strands of kinship that are woven between human and non-human worlds.



France / 2019 / 15min / English (Chinese Subtitle)

Director:Nicolas Champeaux, Gilles Porte

Producer:Jérémy Pouilloux, Alexandre Hallier



“Mandela would, without fail, seek out Sisulu before making any kind of big decision.” It was an open secret among Mandela’s comrades in the struggle. Without Walter Sisulu, there wouldn’t have been Nelson Mandela. Sisulu was the one who found Mandela. It was Sisulu who persuaded Mandela to join the ANC. Sisulu was his guide. Sisulu was his mentor. The world came to know about Sisulu during the Rivonia trial in 1963 and 1964. Mandela, accused number one, read a speech during the trial justifying why the ANC had resorted to violence. Sisulu, accused number two, was the first of the group to be cross-examined. The sound archives of the trial - which have recently been restored by the INA - allow us to relive the five days of his gripping confrontation with an overtly racist prosecutor. Sisulu, who faced the death penalty, stood up to the unrelenting aggression and gave as good as he got. Transported back into a world of secret court sessions during the apartheid nightmare, the viewer will discover the testimony of an exceptional man who instigated one of the turning points of 20th century history.


UK / 2019 / 30min / English

Director: Darren Emerson

Producer: Ashley Cowan, Darren Emerson



Explore the notorious Aylesbury Estate, concrete monument to the history and legacy of social housing in the UK, and home to a community affected by forces beyond their control.


US, India / 2019 / 8min / EnglishChinese Subtitle

Director: SadahEspii Proctor

Producer: Skye Von, Paula Cuneo, Lauren Burmaster



 “I want girls to look at me and think they can achieve anything they want," says 17-year-old Rani, from Varanasi, India. Her family has been destined to wash clothing by the caste culture of their society. But growing up in a community that believes girls should stay at home, do chores, and get married, doesn't stop her. Rani is determined to finish school and go to college. As we follow Rani, she gives us an intimate glimpse of her hopes, frustrations, and dreams. 


US / 2019 / 7min / English

Director: Lena Herzog

Producer: Meghan McWilliams, Cedric Gamelin



At an unprecedented speed faster than the extinction of most endangered species, we are losing our linguistic diversity—and the very means by which we know ourselves. This immersive oratorio is an invocation of the languages that have gone extinct and an incantation of those that are endangered.


Czech Republic / 2018 / 4min / English

Director: Martin Živocký

Producer: Martin Živocký



Trip through space where planets fall in love.


Argentina/ 2018 / 19min / Spanish

Director: Maria Belen Poncio

Producer: Ezequiel Lenardón



Juana, an 18-year-old girl in a wheelchair, is anxious to explore her sexuality. She is going on a blind date with Felipe, a guy she found on social media. She didn’t tell him about the wheelchair. After overcoming her fears, doubts, and an inaccessible city, she meets him. Together they will discover what their bodies feel.


France / 2019 / 6min / English, French, Germany

Director: Nicolas Thépot

Producer: Lucid Realities



Through a dialogue between Claude Monet and his old friend, stateman George Clemenceau, this contemplative VR experience invites the user on a sensory journey starting off in Claude Monet’s garden, stopping along the way at the workshop of the artist and ending in the exhibition rooms of the Orangerie Museum.


Germany / 2019 / 12min / English

Director: Maya Puig

Producer: Diana Schniedermeier



100 years ago, the question of people’s role in the mechanical age was tackled on the Bauhaus stage in both artistic and experimental terms. “Das TotaleTanz Theater” transports this question to the digital age in the form of a vr dance experience, inspired by Oskar Schlemmer and Walter Gropius, with choreography by Richard Siegal.


Belgium, France / 2018 / 12min / Dutch, English, French

Director:Django Schrevens, Sébastien Tixador

Producer:Les Films de la récré



On November 11, 1918, in the heart of the trench, Sergeant BROULARD is seriously injured. A telegraphist engineer, back from the front, just had time to receive a message: a peace treaty was signed in the morning. An assault should be launched but the rumor spreads and it is now up to the soldiers to make the final decision. The decision that may lead them to peace.

8k VR Cinema


Everest VR: The Movie Experience

UK / 2019 / 11min / English (Chinese Subtitle)

Director: Jonathan Griffith

Producer: Jonathan Griffith



Follow Sherpa Tenji as he attempts to climb Mt Everest without the use of bottled oxygen, something that only 175 people have done before. Travel with him through the “Death Zone” and experience the thrilling highs and lows of climbing at the highest elevations on earth.

New York, USA. City of Skyscrapers

US / 2018 / 5min / English

Director: Sergey Semenov

Producer: Sergey Rumyantsev



New York is one of the most appealing cities in the world. More than 62 million people visit this city annually! Manhattan is the heart of the city and the most densely populated district in the USA: 1.6 million people inhabit the area of 59 sqkilometres.

No Man Homeland

China / 2018 / 10min / Chinese, Russian, English

Director: ZHONG Han

Producer: CUI Jingfei, LIU Bin



Thirty-three years after the Chernobyl accident, Chernobyl has become a ghost town. This film is about an old woman who never left Chernobyl. Through her narration, the scenes before and after the Chernobyl accident are restored. The most personal is the most social. This film shows the world the once forgotten prosperity of Chernobyl, the perseverance of the local residents after the disaster, and the hope for the future. Highly coordination through the picture and the sound, the film shapes a strong sense of immersion, also restore the most real and the most unknown side of Chernobyl......


China / 2019 / 14min / Chinese

Director: SUN Bin, DING Yanhua

Executive Producer: GUAN Ling, LAN Xu


Communication University of China, School of Theater, Film and Television



Nuo, originated from the ancient ritual of expelling ghosts and plagues, is a witchcraft culture of primitive religion, which has developed into a kind of culture and art. Nuo mask, Nuo dance and Nuo temple are the most important issues of Nuo culture. Nuo God is the incarnation of belief which gives people strong spiritual strength. Guomian Huang, one of the main role of the documentary, who is 86 years old and began to learn Nuo dance since his childhood. Mingde Lai, the other main role of the documentary, is the 74th generation of Nuo mask carving artisan. Both of them are all faithful guardians of Nuo culture. On the first day of October of the lunar calendar, General Tang's birthday came as well as the renovation of the Nuo Temple finished. Everyone in the village held a grand celebration ceremony. Both protagonists were preparing for the celebration in their respective ways. Virtual reality allows audiences to feel Nuo culture, moving characters and stories, and to find the Nuo gods in the hearts of audiences.


Taiwan / 2018 / 19min / Chinese

Director: LEE Chung

Executive Producer: HOU Hsiao Hsien, LIAO Ching Sung

Producer: Estela Valdivieso CHEN



This is a short crime story about Dong-Tzu, Ching-Tsai, and Ni-Sang who get their hand on valuable antique only to have the fruit of their labor shared with the newcomer A-Che as per Dong-Tzu's request. Each must make their own plans in the car. The viewer is confined to the space in the car to find connections to the final journey of the four outlaws. The viewer explores the enclosed VR setting with the real-time storytelling of a long take in traditional films. The viewer is provided with a more direct experience with the work which generates more effective tension than traditional editing.

The Making Of

Taiwan / 2018 / 10min / Chinese

Director: Midi Z

Executive Producer: HOU Hsiao Hsien, LIAO Ching Sung

Producer:LIU Szu Ming, Christine CHIANG



"The Making Of" will be centered around a 3D VR 360 camera and employ a pseudo-documentary format with a "film within a film" metacinema approach to portray the onsite filming and things that happen behind the scenes. When using 3D VR 360 to make films, the VR camera's viewing angle is divided into four areas or angles including front, rear, left, and right.

Special Screening from Kao Hsiung Film Festival

4-7 Live Stream from YUKI <3

2018 / 12min / Chinese

Director: Tsung-Han TSAI



Yuki live steams her love life as usual to a group of supportive netizens, though an
uninvited guest crashes the party and strips her of all disguise. The Golden Horse Award nominated creator Tsung-Han TSAI dedicate himself as writer and director of
“Live Stream from YUKI ”, his very first virtual reality experience. Through VR,
the boundary between virtual world on internet and reality is no later concrete.
Annoying netizens, glamorous live streamer and audience behind the screen, will anyone be able to tell what is real and what is fallacious?

Afterimage for Tomorrow

2018 / 18min / Chinese

Director: Singing CHEN



Welcome to the “Afterlife Memory Trust.” With us, you will be selecting three pieces of your memory to relive by the time you decease. When your life terminates, we will stimulate your neurons to bring out the designated memories. Each vision lasts a light time. We perceive the world through eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind. These sensory is stored as memory in words, pictures, sounds and moving images. With fractions of the transcribed memories, we are capable of returning to a specific point in time, which is an act of distortion and overlaying of time and space. However, memories aren’t always reliable. A man wakes up in an unknown dimension of consciousness. What is it that he sees, hears and feels? Is it memory, virtual reality or terminal lucidity? In Afterimage for Tomorrow, director Singing CHEN collaborates with choreographer Shou-Yi CHOU to perform the ineffable in memories. This metafiction film sets in a futuristic world, where memories can be uploaded and perpetuated, thus leads to the discussion of what in life is worth storing. Persistence of Vision; when an object in rapid motion vanishes from sight, human brain creates a 0.1-0.4 seconds of optical illusion. How long will the images and memories we create today live in the future?

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