2016: Looking Back At Some Great Uses of VR

2016: Looking Back At Some Great Uses of VR
January 2, 2017

Dreams of Dali


The promise of VR may not yet be fully realised, but every now and then a project comes along that reminds us of just what the technology can deliver.‘Dreams of Dali’ was one such project, bringing to life the vivid imagination behind Salvador Dali’s surrealist landscapes.


Created by San Francisco’s Goodby Silverstein & Partners for the Dali Museum, the project allowed museum visitors to immerse themselves in the painter’s imagination, while a 360 video on YouTube took the project to a wider audience.


Inside Abbey Road


Following Google’s 360 desktop and mobile experience in 2015, Inside Abbey Road returned in virtual reality form this September when 80,000 Google Cardboard packs were distributed to readers of NME. After assembling their freebie into a headset, consumers could use the viewers to explore the famous Abbey Road Studios with the campaign’s dedicated app.


RecoVR Mosul


The Economist has set a benchmark for how publishers could use VR to tell stories and has created a dedicated app where readers can watch its VR experiences simply using their phones and a Google Cardboard headset.


One of the most powerful stories to be told using the medium is that of a museum in Mosul, Iraq. It was destroyed by Islamic State militants, with antiques, statues and other priceless artefacts completely lost.


The Economist set out to recreate the museum in collaboration with non-profit group Rekrei. The result was an experience that takes the form of a virtual tour of the museum, with a voiceover that explains the background to the project.

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