TARGO Releases New VR Doc On Notre-Dame

TARGO Releases New VR Doc On Notre-Dame
February 28, 2019

TARGO ­ just released a cinematic VR experience on one of the most iconic monuments in the world: the Notre­Dame Cathedral. The immersive documentary follows the journey of Patrick Chauvet, the Rector­-Archpriest of the cathedral. 


Following the daily life of the Rector­-Archpriest of the cathedral, TARGO opens the doors to the backstage of one of the most revered monuments in the world. Shot in stereoscopic 360 VR and in co­production with the channel Histoire (TF1 Group), the documentary invites the spectator to explore places usually unreachable by the public.


For the experience, the viewer is guided by the Rector’s narration, blending his personal life­story and the peculiar stakes of his position. "Notre­Dame is a familiar place to all of us but it remains mysterious. We wanted to know who was behind this emblematic monument. We met the Rector of the cathedral and it clicked: he was the man who was going to open the closed doors of the cathedral and share its secrets to our audience. Patrick Chauvet is one of these charismatic and inspiring people who leave a mark on you", said Chloé Rochereuil, director of the documentary.


Virtual reality unleashes its power when exploring monuments such as Notre­Dame. The documentary offers unprecedented access: the towers, the sacristy, the office of the cathedral, even the rooftops… "When you are in a virtual reality headset and stand one meter away from the bells, when you are behind the gargoyles, it’s a child’s dream. It’s all this untouchable human heritage that becomes tangible", said Victor Agulhon, producer of the documentary.


Beyond the stunning sceneries, the 8­ minute-long immersion tells the story of the man that guides the cathedral through modernity: the Rector -Archpriest Patrick Chauvet. Being the Rector­-Archpriest of Notre­Dame is a heavy duty, from the masses to the business administration, the testimony of Patrick Chauvet sheds lights on what it means to be a churchman in the XXIst century.


"In our modern societies, we constantly question our cultural heritage but the Notre­-Dame Cathedral creates a sort of magnetic consensus, even among non­believers. Notre-­Dame speaks to everyone, it goes way beyond religion and we wanted to know why", explained Chloé Rochereuil.

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