Stephen Hawking To Star In Blackhole VR Film

Stephen Hawking To Star In Blackhole VR Film
March 2, 2019

Lucy, and her brother Tim, exclusively revealed plans for their late father to guide stargazers through space and time travel as part of the deceased academic’s wish to inspire the next generation of scientists.


Lucy told a crowd at London’s Science Museum: “Throughout his career, he updated his use of different types of media - he's in The Simpsons, he's in Star Trek, he was making films - and virtual reality was really important for him to keep using these new technologies because he wanted young people to engage in his work, and he understood that to do that you needed to go to them, not just expect them to come to you, and so I think this is just a wonderful project. "Young people who see it will realise they can understand.


It's a problem sometimes with physics, certainly with young people thinking 'I can't understand this because it's too complex, I don't have a way in, I don't have a portal', and this is a portal into that world and it makes it interesting and engaging as well."

Prof Hawking, who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in his 20s, had been working with Bafta and Emmy award-winning documentary film-maker Anthony Geffen on the project for nearly two years, before his death at the age of 76 in March 2018.


Mr Geffen said: “This will allow you to travel through Stephen's mind.

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