EarthXInteractive Protects The Environment In VR

EarthXInteractive Protects The Environment In VR
April 9, 2019

With pressing environmental issues like climate change, ocean pollution and animal extinction happening at lightning speed, finding powerful and innovative methods to spread awareness is crucial. This Earth Day (April 22nd), I thought you would be interested in a potential story on Dallas-based film festival EarthxFilm programming over 40 immersive (virtual, augmented and mixed reality) experiences during its interactive track, EarthxInteractive— all part of a push to educate audiences, raise awareness and drive positive impact and lasting change on environmental issues.


Held during the world’s largest Earth Day Celebration and expo, EarthX, in Dallas on April 26-28, the lineup of immersive content includes experiences that transport attendees onto the front lines of global activism, including protecting endangered species and ecosystems,  anti-poaching efforts to end whale hunts, exploring outer space with NASA, rescuing a baby elephant, helping with ocean cleanups and beyond.

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