Chimpanzees 360º | Liberia, Africa

Chimpanzees 360º | Liberia, Africa

In this virtual-reality/360º video, see the unique story of our continued care of more than 60 chimpanzees in Liberia, Africa. These animals were previously used in invasive research by a U.S.-based organization, but now live out their retirement amongst islands off the country’s coast. There, you’ll see the caretaker that risked his life to provide support during the country's long-standing civil war, and see the very emotional connection he and his staff have to these very intelligent creatures.


Thanks to the incredible support we’ve received, we have been able to not only create a more stable situation for these chimpanzees, but have made several major improvements in their quality of life. You can help with their continued, lifetime care by donating here:


Check our channel out next Monday, when we'll release another video from our VR library!

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