A Concept For VR Whiteboard Animation (Video)

A Concept For VR Whiteboard Animation (Video)
October 30, 2016
The world's very 1st (as far as Dave knows) VR Whiteboard Animation. This is something that Dave has been toying with for the last several days and he believes it'll be incredibly powerful. With the tools Dave has, he can explain a concept, share an idea, communicate a message, tell a story, and more! Like Dave says in the video, the only limit is your imagination. Dave will be creating a lot of these VR Stories, Explanation Videos, and Whiteboard Animations. This is the future.

Dave didn't realize it, but he had been waiting for VR his entire life. A few years ago, he left behind a "normal" life, teaching English in Taiwan, to return home to the States and pursue a career in illustration. That path led to a HTC Vive arriving on his doorstep and his discovery of Google TiltBrush. He spends his free time trying to contain his excitement concerning the future of VR and the impact it is having/will have on the world (and thus his life). Dave will now be a regular contributor to VRrOOm art chronicles, and you'll be able to watch his creations here on a regular basis.

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