CES 2017: Intel Debuts Standalone VR

CES 2017: Intel Debuts Standalone VR
January 5, 2017

Intel took the opportunity to show of its much anticipated VR headset at CES in Vegas.


Project Alloy was announced in August year but is still in development. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced during a keynote that the device will ship by the end of 2017. Intel’s VR is one of many steps the world’s largest chip maker has taken to position themselves as leaders in wearable computing.


VR devices currently on the market, such as Oculus and Microsoft’s Kinect require connection to a separate computing system or physical hardware sensors. Intel’s Alloy aims to put all the computing required into the device itself.


The ‘merged reality’ experience will be powered by an Intel seventh generation Core processor and will feature a vision processor, fisheye lens and sensors, two RealSense cameras and an on-device battery.

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