Yost Labs Ships Innovative New Virtual Reality Suit

Yost Labs Ships Innovative New Virtual Reality Suit
September 28, 2016
Portsmouth, Ohio's Yost Labs announces the shipment of the highly anticipated PrioVR™ Dev Kit.

After three years of research and development the first units of Yost Labs' much-anticipated PrioVR™ Dev Kit have shipped, marking an important milestone for the Southern Ohio startup and a significant innovation in human-computer interaction. The patented technology uses the company's advanced inertial motionsensors to offer a room-scale immersive full-body virtual reality (VR) experience.
The PrioVR Dev Kit's 19 inertial motion sensors are embedded in a suit that translates the wearer's physical movement into digital information. The suit can be used to navigate and interact within virtual reality environments, providing a more immersive experience than previous VR interface technologies that are limited to tracking head and hand movement. Yost Labs is now fulfilling orders to over 1,000 developers around the world that have pre-paid to be among the first to get the PrioVR Dev Kit.
Beyond VR applications, the PrioVR Dev Kit smashes price barriers as a motion capture system useful for creating animated characters in movies and video games, and even has application as a research tool for biomechanics and physical therapy. The system comes with a suite of software for developers including an open source programmer's interface, MoCap Studio™ softwarefor motion capture, plug-ins for popular game development engines (Unity and Unreal) and several demo games.
"The PrioVR Dev Kit is a technology platform that allows for complete tracking of a person's body, with minimal lag - a major step forward in blurring the line between the real world and virtual reality. It's a more natural, immersive experience than has been possible with previous technologies," said Yost Labs Founder and CTO Paul Yost.
"This is an exciting time in the evolution of human-computer interaction. We are moving beyond keyboards and mice and glowing rectangles. Head-mounted displays such as the Oculus and the Vive have opened everyone's eyes to the great promise of VR. Room-scale immersive VR is another big step toward true social telepresence. With our launch of the PrioVR Dev Kit, Yost Labs has established itself as a technology leader in this revolution," said CEO Greg Merril.
Yost Labs is one of Ohio's fastest growing technology companies. The company is internationally recognized as a leader in advanced inertial motion sensor technology. Yost Labs has created inertial motion sensor fusion firmware that is 10x the computational efficiency of previous technologies - resulting in miniature MEMS sensors with low latency, low energy, and low heat. Applications range from human motion tracking in virtual reality to drone navigation. Our technology is sold as either a firmware license or as complete sensor units. Yost Lab's sensors are displacing older technologies and are now standard components for the US Navy and US Air Force target drones as well for the Army Corps of Engineers Geospatial Mapping initiative. Yost Lab's innovation has been recognized with five patent awards with numerous additional patent applications pending. The growing list of customers includes technology giants in computing, industrial equipment, robotics, and AR/VR.

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