WWE: Get Ready To Kiss Roman Reigns In VR

WWE: Get Ready To Kiss Roman Reigns In VR
January 23, 2017

If you’re at With Spandex, you’re a pro wrestling fan (unless you totally blew your attempts at Googling places to buy spandex). And all wrestling fans, to a certain extent, have thought about what it would be like to be in a WWE ring. Some fans are content with just wondering, while some feel the need to insert themselves into the action at the risk of bodily harm and lawsuits. A select few wrestling fans undergo training and end up living the dream. If only there were a way for the rest us to find out what it’s like to strut around on that canvas.


Well, we’re in luck! WWE is always turning an eye to the future (*cough* Tout *cough*), and they know that virtual reality is the new hotness. They’re already making plans to figure out how to utilize it to “put fans in the ring.” WWE’s Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer, Michelle Wilson, recently spoke with Business Insider about what’s on the horizon: “I think V.R. is a really interesting thing to watch for us, we know that our fans want to be literally in the ring with our superstars. I think it is absolutely sooner than five years, I’m not sure if it’s quite next year, but we’re definitely testing and evaluating, as we speak. I think a lot of it is us paying attention to our fans and are they adopting to buying the required headsets and the apps.”


Yes, within five years, you will be able to VIRTUALLY step into the ring, because that’s definitely what fans want. If they didn’t want it so bad, they wouldn’t keep jumping the guard rails and trying to get close to the chiseled physique of Seth Rollins in particular. Let’s just hope that virtual reality integrates smell-o-vision within the next five years, because what’s the point of being a luxuriously-conditioned hair’s breadth from Roman Reigns without being able to experience what he smells like?

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