World’s Leading VR Show Offers Int’l Biz Dev Job

World’s Leading VR Show Offers Int’l Biz Dev Job
July 12, 2017

As part of its international development, and to celebrate its 20th edition, Laval Virtual is hiring an International Liaison Officer.

Type of contract: 18-month temporary contract (CDD)

Start of contract: end of July 2017

Secondment abroad: October 2017 - February 2018 + additional one-off business trips throughout the year



Acting as a genuine ambassador of the Laval Virtual brand, you will be responsible for promoting the association throughout the world.

Using your strong powers of persuasion, you will meet with professionals in the fields of virtual reality technology and uses. Your goal will be to promote the "Laval Virtual" ecosystem and persuade contacts to come and present their expertise at Laval Virtual, the world-leading exhibition dedicated to virtual and augmented reality.


To this end, you will manage a completely new project created to celebrate Laval Virtual's 20th anniversary - the European VR Tour. On-board a mobile home provided by a partner, you will be responsible for travelling the roads of Europe in search of innovative projects in fields such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D interaction, robotics, artificial intelligence and wearables.


To complete this task, you will need to:

- Prepare and plan the route in over the course of two months

- Find financial backers and partners

- Help recruit your support team


During the tour, which will last 4 months:

- Manage the team

- Ensure the success of the challenges set by Laval Virtual and its partners

- Identify innovative projects and persuade them to take part in the next edition of Laval Virtual, which will take place from 4 to 8 April 2018

- Manage the various journeys, ensuring that planned deadlines and schedules are met

- Submit daily reports on the project

- Gather contacts met in each location


After the tour:

- Maintain relationships with the contacts made

- Help those taking part in Laval Virtual 2018 prepare their visit

- Continue your role as an ambassador, bringing on board new prospects during other international events

- You will be required to carry out a large amount of client prospection, with effective client follow up.

You will have your own portfolio of contacts

Profile sought: Fully bilingual (French / English), with excellent sales skills. Your main skill will be your ability to win over your entourage on any subject.

Contact: Maud Oukaltoum

+33 (0)6 76 75 35 97


About Laval Virtual:

Laval Virtual - International Event on Virtual Reality Technology and Uses

A pioneer in the industry and held every year since 1999, Laval Virtual brings together the main players in virtual reality, augmented reality and converging technologies.

As part of an economic development strategy based on technological innovation, the event aims to both connect professionals/suppliers of innovative technologies and stimulate applied research and discovery. Every year, the Laval Virtual Event receives some 18,000 visitors from all over the world.

Drawing on its 19 years of experience, Laval Virtual continues to develop through various projects, notably the Laval Virtual Days - new events held in Paris today and throughout Europe tomorrow; Laval Virtual ASIA in China; and many other projects to come!

Continually recognized as a true industry asset dedicated to virtual and augmented reality, Laval Virtual will open the Laval Virtual Centre in October 2017, affirming its position as an industry leader.

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