Wordpress Blog Platform Now Open To VR Content

Wordpress Blog Platform Now Open To VR Content
December 15, 2016

Virtual Reality is continuing to creep into the everyday online experience. Its latest advance: the blogging platform Wordpress, where you'll now be able to upload and share VR and 360 degree content right on your site.


Readers will be able to view the content in their browsers, and they'll also be able to click a "VR" button to view everything in its full, 3D-rendered glory using a compatible headset: Wordpress points to Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in its press release.


It's not necessarily a groundbreaking development, mind you. Previously, users could share and view VR content on Wordpress with the help of a simple plug-in. Still, native VR compatibility for a platform as big as Wordpress will undoubtedly put virtual, 360-degree content in front of more eyes than before, which could potentially lead to increased demand for VR headsets.


At the very least, it signals an expectation that virtual reality content will continue to play a growing role in how information is shared and viewed online. To that end, Wordpress points to a VR-centric story on the refugee crisis in Germany published in the Harvard Gazette as well as 360 degree images taken by NASA's Mars Pathfinder, both of which are now optimized for VR viewing on Wordpress sites.

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