What To Expect At CES 2017 'VR Marketplace'

What To Expect At CES 2017 'VR Marketplace'
January 2, 2017

The world’s largest consumer electronics show CES kicks off this week. Organized between January 5 and 8, 2017 in Las Vegas, this year’s show will feature around 3,800 international companies debuting their new tech products and services.


Augmented and virtual reality are expected to be an important part of the this year’s schedule. CES will have its Gaming & Virtual Reality Marketplace dedicated specifically to virtual technologies. 


Here are some of the companies that will show up at the tech show and what we are expecting.


HTC Vive

The high end VR headset maker will feature more than 30 curated VR experiences across Entertainment, Health & Medical, Enterprise and Education. But no word on the new version of the Vive headset yet. The company may be holding the news for its special press event on January 12.



Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is hosting a unique press conference at CES 2017. The company is planning to offer a virtual reality experience to immerse attendees on how Intel technology is extending to define almost every aspect of our lives.


Qualcomm (Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall #10948)

The company will highlight the performance of its new Snapdragon 835 processor which is going to power many flagship mobile devices. Qualcomm has teamed up with Lionsgate to produce a Power Rangers VR experience to showcased at the expo.



Chinese camera maker will debut its new camera that takes 360-degree images in 8K.

DabKick (Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, #10939)

VR startup DabKick offers a new social VR experience that lets users to share photos and videos between VR devices and smartphones. The company will be at CES2017 where it will be demoing its VR functionality as part of Ericsson’s booth.

DENSO (Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall, #5431)

North American aftermarket group DENSO will feature two different VIVE Virtual Reality Experiences that enable users to learn about managing traffic flow in a city environment and understand the complexity of manufacturing for safety sensitive tasks. The company will also debut Holographic Haptic Controller that uses light to project holograms to control the vehicle systems without physically touching a button

Finch Shift (Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 2, #26737)

Virtual reality startup Finch Shift will showcase a Mobile VR Kit without the need for external cameras or wires. The controller employs modified IMU sensors to determine real-time hands’ position with sub-centimeter accuracy and a 360-degree tracking range. The developer’s Kit is priced at $179.

Vuzix (Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, # 13246)

The company will showcase one of the world’s first wireless smart sunglasses, Vuzix Blade 3000. The sunglasses have integrated AR and video overlays that can deliver information or entertainment on top of the real world.

eCapture Technologies (Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 4)

The company will debut its successfully crowdfunded LyfieEye 360-degree video camera for Android smartphones.


Celeno and NGCodec (Venetian Tower)

Both companies will show zero latency RealityCodec technology that compresses the output video signal of the desktop and streams it with no latency to a mobile head-mounted display (HMD)


Fibrum (Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 2, #26724)

The company is going to showcase its Fibrum PRO mobile VR headset bundled together with Fibrum VR applications available on Google Play, AppStore and Windows Phone Marketplace.


Ericsson and AERNOW (Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, #10939)

The companies will feature a new 5G experience that blurs the line between virtual and reality by connecting real-time data and video aggregation.

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