What Can VR And AR Do For A Casino?

What Can VR And AR Do For A Casino?
January 10, 2017

With all the articles and TV shows about the potential for virtual and augmented reality (AR and VR), it’s easy to forget that they aren’t just buzzwords; they’re living, breathing pieces of technology with applications in just about every sector, from medicine to business.


But what can they do for casino?


First of all, a quick primer – what are augmented and virtual realities? The former – AR – is the technology behind Pokémon Go; it enhances the real world without taking the player away from it, adding in creatures, planes, ghosts and any number of digital interlopers. Virtual reality, on the other hand, substitutes the player’s environment for a new, computer-generated one.


Innovative Experiences


Card games might sound like a world away from the high-tech worlds of VR and AR but there’s evidence to suggest that some of the first truly innovative experiences could come from the casino industry, especially given iGaming’s willingness to adopt new ideas like mobile play.


Phones and tablets are ubiquitous – there are now more gadgets on the planet than humans. Consequently, they’re one of the easiest ways for companies to reach their customers (and for players to keep up with their hobbies) at any time of the day, whether through apps or mobile websites.


Some brands in the iGaming niche have taken mobile gaming to its logical extreme. For example, PocketWin, a company based in the UK, allows players to make a deposit by phone, meaning that they can add the cost of their gaming onto their bill and pay it at the end of the month. The site also offers iOS and Android versions of its unique slot machines.

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