Walmart’s Store No. 8 Looking For VR Ideas

Walmart’s Store No. 8 Looking For VR Ideas
August 2, 2017

Walmart tech incubator Store No. 8, Accenture and Thrive Global are looking for the best commerce-focused VR apps, tech, ideas and solutions to highlight at the Innov8: V-Commerce exhibition later this year. VR developers working in the commerce space are encouraged to “submit ideas that have the potential to change the way we shop and live.”


“Virtual reality creates a presence, a mindfulness, that nothing else today can. We are looking to leverage virtual reality to drastically enhance the way people shop. Our first step is to identify the most innovative companies and minds in the space to help us on this mission,” said Katie Finnegan, Principal of Store No 8. “Innov8 will further define the future of commerce by inspiring and driving growth in the underlying ecosystem of technologies needed to bring shopping into the era of virtual experiences.”


Concepts will be vetted and finalists will present their ideas to a judging panel consisting of Thrive Global Founder and CEO Arianna Huffington, President and CEO of Walmart U.S. eCommerce Marc Lore and Accenter Interactive Managing Director Jason Welsh, among others. Judging will take place at the Innov8 expo in Los Angeles on October 18, 2017, with winners gaining access to top VC and retail execs, leadership training with Thrive Global as well as capital to fund future concept development.


If you have a great new idea, product or concept around VR commerce, you cansubmit your application at the Store No 8 website through August 4, 2017.

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