The VR/AR Global Summit Reveals Event Dates

The VR/AR Global Summit Reveals Event Dates
June 7, 2018

The VR/AR Association reveals its first global summit with be in Vancouver, Canada.


The VR/AR Association has announced the dates for its first annual Global Summit, which will bring together leaders in the areas of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) to discuss the present and future of immersive technologies.


The summit will take place on Vancouver, Canada from 21st-22nd September, 2018 in the newly launched Parq Vancouver, an entertainment complex that has recently opened in the city.

The event is set to feature keynote speeches from industry leaders, along with workshops, demonstrations, exhibits and creative hubs in order to showcase the best that the VR/AR industry has to offer.


“The VR/AR Global Summit continues the mission of the VR/AR Association of facilitating growth, knowledge and connections across the globe, and across industry verticals for virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. The growing VRARA member base and thousands of registered companies have been asking for this type of interactive and innovative conference,” said Nathan Pettyjohn, Founder and President of the VR/AR Association.


“VR/AR Global Summit is designed to bring together both industry leading solution providers as well as the brands and companies looking to deploy these types of technologies to improve and enhance their business. In addition to enterprise, we also have an exciting gaming and entertainment program at Global Summit“ says Kris Kolo, Global Executive Director, VRARA.


So far, confirmed exhibitors who will be appearing at the event include ThirdEye, who will be showcasing their AR smatglasses, Toshiba, Pessey Semiconductors, Snap36 and BGC Engineering.

“Vancouver is a global hub for immersive technologies that boasts over 160 companies working directly in the VR/AR/MR space, plus is a dynamic part of Cascadia, that encompasses the Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland communities. I am very excited to work with such an amazing organization as the VRARA to produce this event. This will be the largest, and best show of its kind in Canada,” says Anne-Marie Enns, Executive Producer of the VR/AR Global Summit.


Further information on the VR/AR global Summit can be found on the VR/AR Association website.

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