VR World Congress Returns To Bristol

VR World Congress Returns To Bristol
April 5, 2017

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the biggest emerging trends in entertainment and business. With events like the VR World Congress and an emerging number of VR studios and start-ups coming out of the region, it’s an industry with a large presence in the West Country.


Virtual and Augmented Reality are set to be big businesses of the future with companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Google investing billions to date.


While some hype around the technology is yet to be realised, anyone who has been transported inside a computer game, seen the plight of a refugee, or taken a volcano tour of Iceland will attest that there’s really nothing like it. VR is clearly far more than something to do: it’s somewhere to go, someone to become.

It’s hugely exciting that, once again, the VR World Congress is going to be held in Bristol this Easter, with over 2,000 people coming to experience VR and join talks from global technology, entertainment, and film companies.


The conference will be held in central Bristol across multiple venues including @Bristol, the Watershed, and a huge Expo hall set up in Millennium Square. The conference will host a number of activities, including talks, workshops, demos, business meetings, investment pitches and specialist groups such as the excellent South West Women in VR and Virtual Futures Track.

Ben Trewhella, CEO of the Opposable Group which hosts the VR World Congress, said: “It’s really exciting to have started VR World Congress here in the South West, and for it to have grown so quickly with visitors from all over the globe. This year we’re really keen to open up VR to wider and more diverse audiences than ever before. This has been enabled by our lead sponsors AMD and assistance from many people in the city. As a new technology that infuses creativity and technology, the field of VR is anything but traditional and is open to a new generation of artists and developers to shape”.


This year AMD, Microsoft, Unity, Google, IBM, Aardman and many other entertainment companies will attend the talks or demonstrate their games in the Expo.


The VR World Congress takes place from April 11-13


Tickets start at £24 per day for a full day at the Expo, and can be purchased via the website, or on the day in Millennium Square.

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