VR Rolled Out To Boost Arizona Tourism

VR Rolled Out To Boost Arizona Tourism

Arizona Office of Tourism has started using virtual reality in an effort to attract visitors to the state.


In the experiences, users can skydive in the Grand Canyon, ride a virtual mountain bike down a singletrack and slickrock in Sedona, according to an announcement.


The features were first used in January at the Cubs Convention and Travel & Adventure Show in Chicago. They will also be used at some Cactus League stadiums to attract visitors to Arizona.


“In the crowded travel marketplace—even the increasingly crowded sub-marketplace of virtual reality—these Grand Canyon and Sedona VR adventures stand out,” Arizona Office of Tourism Director Debbie Johnson said in a press release. “We set out to amplify Arizona’s iconic tourism assets through new technology. But, ultimately, it’s the technology that was amplified though the stunning beauty of Arizona’s landscape.”


Those interested in seeing the videos can access a 360 version on the state’s Facebook page.


There were 42.1 million visitors to the state who brought in $21 billion in 2015, according to the Office of Tourism.  The tourism industry is one of Arizona’s top industries and has increased from 2014 when 40.7 million visitors explored the state.

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