VR Playhouse School Launches In Los Angeles

VR Playhouse School Launches In Los Angeles
June 26, 2017

LOS ANGELES -- Creative studio VR Playhouse has launched a VR educational program, the VR Playhouse School. The educational program will consist of three courses: “3D Production for Unreal Engine in Virtual Reality: 6 Week Master Class,” “Unity for Interactive 360 Video: 6 Week Workshop” and “Storytelling in Virtual Reality: 6 Week Creative Writing Intensive.”


Each course will have a weekly three-hour class for a duration of six weeks. An intensive weekend 360 Video Boot Camp will


also be offered that will look into the history and growth of VR before tackling all aspects of the process behind making a 360 experience, from initial creative ideation all the way through to production, post and distribution. VR Playhouse is also teaming up with Ecco VR for a “360 Audio for VR” course that will meet for one day to cover the latest developments and tools, as audio spatialization becomes an ubiquitous part of VR platforms and experiences. All classes will be taught by VR Playhouse staff at their Glassell Park studio at 3011 Verdugo Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065.


Click HERE to register and view additional course information.


VR Playhouse Co-Founders Christina Heller and Ian Forester have launched this new educational endeavor in an effort to help democratize the medium and bring a new artists, developers and directors into the space. The classes will also aid marketers, agencies and brands to get a more hands-on perspective on the medium and how it can be best integrated into marketing and content strategies.

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