VR Helps Port Prepare For $1.3B Megaliner

VR Helps Port Prepare For $1.3B Megaliner
February 22, 2017

Maritime Safety Queensland has been using virtual reality to prepare for the arrival of the largest cruise ship to ever visit the Port of Brisbane.


A team of maritime specialists have been running dozens of simulations in VR taking into account every imaginable weather scenario to ensure the 348-metre Ovation of the Seas cruiseliner makes its first visit to Brisbane.


Royal Caribbean’s $1.3 billion cruiseliner will carry more than 5000 passengers and 1500 crew.


Queensland Minister for Ports Mark Bailey said preparations for the arrival of the megaliner have been ongoing for over a year.

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“Our maritime specialists are up to the task because they have used virtual reality to prepare for and simulate the ship’s arrival before it has even set sail,” he said.


“The Smartship simulator has allowed the ship’s pilots to walk around on the virtual bridge and enjoy a computer-generated panorama of Brisbane Port, while tugboat operators in separate simulators interact in real time.”


He said the ship’s captain, tugboat operators, marine pilots and the Brisbane regional harbour master have all been involved in the preparations.


In total, five cruise ships are scheduled to dock in Brisbane this week, carrying a combined 12,600 passengers. Ovation of the Seas is due to arrive at the Fisherman Island general-purpose berth on Wednesday.

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