VR Data Visualization Startup Virtualitics Raises $7M

VR Data Visualization Startup Virtualitics Raises $7M
March 1, 2018

Virtual and augmented reality data visualization startup Virtualitics Inc. today said it has raised $7 million in new funding.


Founded in 2016, Virtualitics offers a data visualization platform that combines artificial intelligence, big data and virtual reality to create interactive 3-D data models. The platform, accessible by both desktop and mobile, is pitched as enabling enterprises to uncover key insights in their data more easily through a combination of machine learning, immersive visualization and a collaborative shared virtual environment.


The company’s platform allows users to generate complex data models composed of up to 10 dimensions of data, all in a shared virtual office where users can collaborate and analyze the data together. Using machine learning, Virtualitics’ platform also can recommend optimal visualizations that give users a better understanding of the whole picture for their data.


“VR is intrinsically well-suited for human perception, intuition and pattern recognition, leading to insights that may be difficult or even impossible to gain through any traditional visualization technique,” co-founder George Djorgovski told SiliconANGLE in January 2017. “It is a natural environment for collaborative visual data exploration and data analytics that enables teams of users, who may be continents apart, to interact with the data and with each other in a shared virtual space.”


Explaining the new round and the technology behind it, Chief Technology Officer Ciro Donalek said that “turning big and complex data into useful insights requires new ways to analyze and interact with it. We’ve solved for this by coupling AI with immersive environments. Moreover, business intelligence platforms need to be 3D and collaborative by design in order to help companies gain a deeper level of understanding in the stories being told by the raw data.”


The Series B round was led by Centricus and included Venture Reality Fund and a number of other private investors. Including the new round, Virtualitics has raised $11.4 million to date. The company said it would use the funding to support its mission to “make big data more useful and effective for all enterprises.”

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