VR Car Buying Looms For New Zealand

VR Car Buying Looms For New Zealand
January 27, 2017

Jaguar Land Rover customers will be able to to explore new vehicles using a virtual reality headset and the latest digital technology and animations.


Kiwi new car buyers will soon be able to shop using virtual reality, meaning they won't need to wait for newly launched vehicles to arrive in their local showroom.


Instead customers will view new cars using virtual reality (VR) headsets, which will be introduced into Jaguar Land Rover showrooms in the next few months.


Retailers will connect customers to a virtual tour, where they can see and interact with a life-size model through a VR headset.


Using the latest digital technology and animations, the headset will take customers on a journey 'under the hood', to explain the technical features of the vehicle.


The VR experience also enables the customer to explore the vehicle interior in 360 degrees from different viewpoints.


"The level of innovation and sophistication available in today's new vehicles means the purchase process requires increasingly higher levels of customer involvement.


"This technology will help us better educate buyers on a range of vehicle features including how they are protected in the event of an accident for example, it's the future of automotive retailing," NZ general manager of Jaguar Land Rover Steve Kenchington said.


In addition to New Zealand, Jaguar Land Rover will roll out the VR Experience across more than 1,500 retailers in 85 markets, localised into 20 languages.


The company plans to implement it with each new vehicle launched during 2017, starting with the all-new Land Rover Discovery.

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