VR, 360 Video Take Marketing To New Horizons

VR, 360 Video Take Marketing To New Horizons
March 26, 2017

Though not a recently developed concept, virtual reality and 360 degree video marketing is now growing as a winsome tool that is getting hold of internet marketing by allowing viewers to have the control of what they see.


The concept of virtual reality and 360 degree video technology originated in 1995 and since then these videos have come a long way. They display a spherical scenario where the camera records a complete 360-degree view of moments and capture it via a photo or video.


The video sharing website Youtube introduced them in March 2015 and made them available for video advertisements a few months later. Though these videos are not new to social media, many companies are now embracing the new technology for their digital promotions strategies, producing videos that leave viewers amazed.


Google’s documentation of global Pride parades using 360 cameras:

Coca-Cola virtual reality Christmas ride:

Key findings:

- Virtual reality and 360 videos motivate viewers to watch and interact more.

- These videos have a higher click-through rate and viewers are more interested in checking out the full-length of videos.

- 360 videos drive viewers to share, subscribe, and view other similar videos.

- 360 video technology is ideal for newly launched brands and companies, as these videos not only make people want to watch but also share them.

- 360 videos have approximately 30 pc higher repeated view rate.

- 70 pc of marketers using 360 videos have witnessed a boost in engagement.


No matter whether you are a newbie or a well established brand, 360 degree videos are an ideal platform to attract your audience with interactive footages. Why invest in flat videos when you have the choice to show it with multiple perspectives?

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