Volkswagen Looks To Virtual Reality

Volkswagen Looks To Virtual Reality
March 27, 2017

Volkswagen has given us a glimpse of some of the new technologies involved in their R&D process in the development of new cars.


“At Volkswagen, we have been using augmented reality and virtual reality for some time, mainly to obtain a three-dimensional view,” says Frank Ostermann.


“We are now taking a major step forward at the Virtual Engineering Lab. We are transforming this technology into a tool for Technical Development.


"This will allow engineers to work on a virtual vehicle, to change its equipment as they wish and even to design new components virtually. They will be able to see the results of their work immediately.


“We are co-operating very closely with our colleagues from Technical Development and are already close to the first new vehicle concepts and design studies.


“We contribute our know-how for technical product development and offer tailor-made solutions for all group brands in the fields of virtual engineering and systems engineering.”


And the reason for this approach? VW says augmented and virtual reality helps save time and development costs.


Each step in the process can be made faster and more efficient, for example with HoloLens software from the Virtual Engineering Lab.

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