Vogue US Partners With Apple On AR Feature

Vogue US Partners With Apple On AR Feature
November 10, 2017
In a bid to merge the magazine’s trend-driven content with high-tech, 'The Vogue Effect' lets iPhone X users add custom fashion filters to photos.


American Vogue has partnered with Apple to create an augmented reality-powered iPhone feature, available exclusively on the newly launched iPhone X on December 1.



In a bid to merge the magazine’s trend-driven content with high-tech, “The Vogue Effect” iMessage extension uses the front-facing camera’s Face ID to create a multi-dimensional filter akin to those on Snapchat and Instagram. iPhone X users need to download Vogue’s app in order to access the filters, but they can be applied directly via iMessage once installed.


Vogue used Apple’s ARKit technology — which allows product designers to create augmented reality experiences — to layer trends from the Spring/Summer 2018 season, such as a “21st-century spin on disco glamour”, over the user’s surroundings, creating an immersive image that can be downloaded or sent as a message. Further trend roll-outs and collaborations with industry talents are in the pipeline.


“This is experimentation, leveraging technology and pushing our creativity in new ways,” said Arlie Sisson, vice president of emerging products at Condé Nast. "It’s unexpected, but it makes sense because [leading] is what we do best.


To be sure, this is likely the first of many AR-powered products embraced by Condé Nast and competing publishers eager to engage the reader in new ways. “Over time, I think [these features] will be as key as having a website,” Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook told British Vogue in an October interview.


The move comes as parent company Condé Nast looks to diversify its revenue streams in the face of declining print advertising revenue. Earlier this year, it partnered with Google to create a virtual reality video series taking viewers inside supermodel’s wardrobes, including that of Kendall Jenner and Cindy Crawford. It also launched its own Jean Jullien-illustrated iMessage stickers.

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