Vive X Accepting New Startup Submissions

Vive X Accepting New Startup Submissions
October 14, 2016

HTC’s virtual reality accelerator fund is accepting new startup submissions

HTC’s $100 million virtual reality accelerator program fund VIVE X is accepting new applicants, the company announced.
VR startups can submit their applications through VIVE X’s website until December 1, 2016.
“VIVE X has quickly ramped up to be a global leader in accelerating early stage VR companies,” said Marc Metis, VP at HTC Vive and global head of the VIVE X program. “We are looking forward to serving the next round of innovative companies that can make a difference in the space.”
HTC VIVE X was first announced back in April 2016, and now has already near three dozen companies in its portfolio in four cities — Taipei, San Francisco, Beijing and Shenzhen.
VIVE X partners are developing solutions in areas such as social, analytics, advertising, content generation tools, rendering, search, education and more.
The program will continue to grow globally including the addition of locations in Europe coming soon.

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