UK Shoppers Take VR Ride On Santa's Sleigh

UK Shoppers Take VR Ride On Santa's Sleigh
December 11, 2016

Ever wondered what it’s like to soar through the sky on Santa’s sleigh?


Families across Teesside were given the unique experience thanks to the Hillstreet Shopping Centre’s Sleigh Weekend.


Believed to be the only activity of its kind in the area, the virtual sleigh allowed families to experience first-hand what it would be like to ride with Santa thanks to the latest in VR technology.


Riders were able to don high-tech, virtual reality glasses which gave them a 360 degree view while they took a ride on Santa’s sleigh.

Virtual Reality Sleigh Rides at Hill Street Centre


Led by two reindeer, the tour took the rider through a snowy village scene on a clear, starry night. The sleigh flew across snow-covered treetops and over quaint little villages, before coming to a stop by a large Christmas tree in the town square.


Peter Drabble, centre manager at Hillstreet, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer our customers something unique this year as well as our more traditional events such as Santa’s Grotto.

Virtual Reality Sleigh Rides at Hill Street Centre


“Excitement is growing around virtual reality and it has already had a huge impact on retail and brands. Technology is advancing all the time and is already moving away from basic apps, making shopping experiences much more personal.”


Marketing manager, Rachael Dean, said: “It’s something new. There’s nothing else like this in the town at the moment, it’s a bit different.


“We’ve got the traditional elements, like Santa’s Grotto, and something new and modern.”

Bethany Lodge gives the ride a try joined by Centre operations Manager Colin Smith


The sleigh sat between Primark and Superdrug and seated up to four people.


On Sunday, December 11, shoppers will have the chance to enter the centre’s Slay your Selfie competition, by uploading pictures they have taken on the sleigh to Hillstreet’s Facebook page. The one with the most “likes” wins a £250 hamper.


There will also be an opportunity for 20 children to win an exclusive supper with Santa at Muffin Break on Monday, December 19.


All of the centre’s festivities including Santa’s Grotto, the Sleigh Weekend and Supper with Santa are all free to take part.


For more information, visit the centre’s website at

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