Ubisoft Mentorship Seeks AR & Blockchain Devs

Ubisoft Mentorship Seeks AR & Blockchain Devs
December 1, 2017

Though a partnership with the French start-up campus Section F, Ubisoft is getting ready to kick off the second season of its Gaming and Entertainment program and encouraging developers to apply.


This season, Ubisoft is looking for developers and start-ups with experience in either mobile augmented reality or blockchain, two technologies the company believes have high potential within the entertainment industry.


Participants work through a 6-month long, customized program that sees them working closely with Ubisoft staff, entrepreneurs, and external experts to develop technology that will, in the company's words, "shape tomorrow's entertainment." Participation in the program is free for those devs selected. 


Previously, five start-ups joined the program in its first season to work on everything from AI driven music composition to virtual reality content and spaces. Developers interested in applying for the second season of the program can find more information on Ubisoft's website.

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