Ubisoft CEO: Low Entry Prices Key To VR Growth

Ubisoft CEO: Low Entry Prices Key To VR Growth
July 19, 2019

Virtual Reality is still something that’s growing for the gaming industry. It hasn’t quite got there just yet. While the marketshare has grown, thanks in a big part to PlayStation VR and its association with the behemoth PS4, it’s still not at that mainstream breakout level yet. Some developers have embraced it, however, while others have kept their distance. One publisher that’s surprising doing nothing substantial is Ubisoft. Usually one of the first developers to throw as much weigh behind new platforms as possible, we may have gotten some hints about why via the company’s CEO, Yves Guillemot.


At the recent financial conference call, when asked about VR,  Guillemot punted on his answer a little bit, but did say that he felt good entry prices and more good games were needed for the platform to grow, hinting at perhaps thinking that the systems on the market are still a little too highly priced for the average customer to jump in.


“On the VR side, we think seamless, frictionless, and good entry prices, and good games, could help this business to take off because it provides a good immersion for players, but we need to make sure those elements are there to make it actually grow.”


It’s worth noting that he was asked about the recent report that Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell would get VR entries for Facebook’s Oculus, which he didn’t comment on. So this may change pretty soon, but it’s not too uncommon a critique on VR that it’s still a little too pricey for people to jump in. That is changing as good headsets are coming out at decent prices now, but it’ll still be awhile yet before it becomes a standard thing.

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