Texas Mutual Exhibits VR Safety Training

Texas Mutual Exhibits VR Safety Training
May 18, 2017
Texas Mutual exhibited its virtual reality safety training platform for a gathering of construction industry professionals in Houston.


Texas Mutual Insurance Co. on Tuesday exhibited virtual reality construction workforce safety training to a gathering of local subcontractors and industry players in Houston. 


The product, a smartphone app and cardboard goggles made by Google, marks the first time construction safety training has been administered in virtual reality, said Texas Mutual, the top provider of worker's compensation insurance in the state. 


The training, filmed in 360 degrees on worksites, lets workers experience the four top causes for workforce fatalities: collapsing trenches, falls from heights, electrocutions or falling objects. 


Jeremiah Bentley, vice president of marketing and customer engagement with Texas Mutual, said the VR training represents a big step from the safety videos and slideshows the industry has relied on for decades. 


"The state of safety education has not kept up with safety technology," Bentley said. "There is a lot of potential to use technology in keeping workers safe."


He said the training was released last spring and first mailed to some contractors last fall. 

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