Takis Scores With 360 VR Video Ad Campaign

Takis Scores With 360 VR Video Ad Campaign
October 2, 2018


- Takis, the snack brand by Mexico's Barcel, launched an immersive 3D and interactive 360-degree advertising campaign in partnership with virtual reality (VR) ad platform Omnivirt, according to a statement shared with Mobile Marketer.

- Takis used OmniVirt's 360-degree technology to build and distribute three immersive ad experiences across targeted websites: a 3D display ad, an interactive 360-degree game and a 360-degree dance battle. Each experience centers on the brand's tagline "Are You Takis Enough?" and features personalized dance moves from high schoolers for each of the chips' flavors. 

- Market researcher IRI is currently studying the performance and efficacy of Takis' immersive ads. Its preliminary results show that the campaign has outperformed expected targets, with its 3D ad showing a 7.7% engagement rate.



The early results from Takis' campaign appear to be promising as the brand seeks to break through ad clutter with 3D ads and 360-degree VR experiences that engage its young consumers. 


While Takis' 3D ad performed particularly well, other 360-degree video campaigns have seen similar boosts in engagement. Nestlé Canada this summer ran a 360-degree video spot for its Kit Kat candy bar on YouTube that generated a completion rate that was more than two times the video-sharing platform's average ad and spurred a 100% lift in ad recall and 35% gain in consideration. Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific ran a 360-degree mobile video campaign last year and saw gains in several key audience metrics, including unaided awareness (+27%), favorability (+25%) and preference for the airline (+12%). The ads also saw higher click-through rates than the industry average of 0.33%, the airline said.


Mobile strategies that urge interactivity and experiential storytelling also can boost ad performance. OmniVirt's campaign for Universal Pictures' film "Pitch Perfect 3" included AR banner ads that saw 10 times the number of interactions and click-through rates of 2D versions, while users spent an average of 30 seconds engaged with the ad.

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