Swiss Bank Invents Forex Trading In VR

Swiss Bank Invents Forex Trading In VR
February 5, 2017

Swissquote Bank, a Swiss online financial service provider is launching a new application that enables users to execute trades and access their financial information in virtual reality.


Once the users enter the virtual trading platform, they are surrounded by a 360-degree trading wall with multiple sections dedicated to SMI (Swiss Market Index), currency pairs and main indexes.

“While it is true that the use of VR helmets is still marginal, building our application allows us to also perfect Swissquote’s existing applications on other devices, therefore accelerating our own technological evolution,” said Paolo Buzzi, CTO at Swissquote in a written statement.


The company uses eye-tracking technology to focus on a specific stock. Clients can also log in to their profiles, view the status of their accounts and execute trades by preconfiguring a number of criterias.

Swissquote Bank’s virtual reality trading platform will be available on iPhone and Android operating systems.


Photos Credit — Swissquote

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