Steam Leaks Top VR Games' Player Counts

Steam Leaks Top VR Games' Player Counts
July 8, 2018
Image Credit: SteamVR / Rec Room


A recent oopsie-do by Valve gives us the total player count for thousands of Steam games.


Thanks to a recent data leak within the Steam Achievements API, thousands of games available on the Steam library have had information regarding their total player counts made available to the public.


The leak, now plugged by Valve, was the result of a new form of data research originating from By taking a look at the percentage of a games completed achievements and determining how many players it would take to reach those figures, these resourceful enthusiasts were able to calculate a precise number of a games total players.


How precise is this information exactly? Steam provides this information on their website rounded to two decimal points. This new data, on the other hand, provides numbers accurate to an astounding 16 decimal points. Valve has since addressed the issue and altered the Steam API to provide a less accurate reading, but not before the comprehensive list of data made its way across this internet.


It’s a unique opportunity to learn just how popular some of Steam’s top VR games truly are. Below are the player counts for these various games, curated by Reddit user Loumiskme. It’s important to note, however, that this leak only includes Steam games which provide Steam Achievements. This means that VR games still in early access are excluded from this list as well:

- Rec Room – 316 K

- Job Simulator – 200 K

- Space Pirate Trainer – 179 K

- Arizona sunshine – 168 K


- Fallout 4 VR – 133 K

- Skyrim VR – 99 K

- The Gallery – Episode 1 – 92 K

- Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality – 84 K

- Fruit Ninja VR – 75 K

- The Brookhaven Experiment – 74 K

- Holopoint – 60 K

- Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope – 53 K

- Sairento – 43 K

- I expect you to die – 41 K

- Out of Ammo – 35 K

- DOOM VFR – 34 K

- Duck Season – 30 K

- Talos Principle VR – 26 K

- Cosmic Trip – 17 K

- LA Noire VR – 17 K

- Sprint Vector – 16 K

- Eagle Flight – 13 K

- Ultrawings – 12 K

- Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades – 9.7 K

- The Gallery – Episode 2 – 7.8 K

- Ark Park – 4.7 K

- Moss – 4.6 K

- Apex Construct – 2.7 K  


Overall, an interesting look into what VR users find themselves immersed in most. No surprise that Rec Room finds itself at the top of the list due in large part to its free price tag and user-friendly experience, but it was rather shocking to find long-established titles, such as Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Handgrenades, so close to the bottom.


For more information on how these numbers were generated, The End Is Nighdeveloper, Tyler Glaiel, posted an excellent explanation on Medium where he goes into the details of this new data research methodology.

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