Start The Week With These New VR Job Offers

Start The Week With These New VR Job Offers
July 10, 2017

If you are looking for a change in career, or just a chance in focus and want to work in an area that is constantly changing, growing and evolving, then the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) industries are always looking for talented people.


Engineers, designers, artists, community managers, programmers and even top of the line executive roles are being eagerly sought after by various companies working with VR. Why not see if there is something here that suits your talents? As always we’ve a selection of roles we’ve pulled from around the world for you. Have a look:


- California, USA: AppleIMG / CoreMedia VR File Format Engineer Click here to apply

- California, USA: AppleIMG / CoreMedia VR Pipeline Engineer Click here to apply

- Austin, Texas, US: AppleAR Specialist / US & Canada Resellers Click here to apply

- Farnborough, UK: nDreams Associate Community Manager / VR Games Click here to apply

- Farnborough, UK: nDreamsGameplay Programmer / VR Games Click here to apply

- Beijing, China: Time of Virtual Reality / Technical Artist Enquire via email

- London, UK: Unspecified, Real Estate Sector / Graduate Capture Technician Click here to apply

- Melbourne, Australia: Unspecified, Private ListingJavascript Developer / (React / WebVR / GraphQL) Click here to apply

- Leatherhead, UK: Kantar Retail Virtual Reality Account Manager / Click here to apply

- Manchester, UK: Unspecified, Construction Industry / Mixed-Reality Web Developer Click here to apply

- London, UK: Oculus VR / 3D Generalist Click here to apply

- Slough, UK: HTC / Sales Manager, UK, VR Click here to apply

- Solihull, UK: Solihull College & University Centre / Lecturer – Computing and Emerging Technologies Click here to apply



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